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About Us: 

Welcome to ACS Safety & Security, where innovative surveillance meets comprehensive workforce and environment management. Our commitment to safeguarding what’s most important extends beyond security to ensure the well-being and efficiency of your team and premises.

Our Expertise

At ACS, we are leaders in delivering AI-powered security through advanced IP CCTV systems, biometric workforce management, and indoor air quality monitoring. Our NDAA-compliant surveillance solutions, equipped with real-time AI analytics, predict and prevent incidents before they occur. The HALO device, an epitome of our innovation, offers a robust array of monitoring capabilities without the invasiveness of cameras or microphones.

Empowering Operations with AI and Biometric Technology

Our state-of-the-art biometric systems revolutionise timekeeping and attendance, integrating seamlessly with HR and ERP platforms for a unified management experience. Meanwhile, our AI-enhanced CCTV systems provide proactive protection, leveraging facial recognition and behaviour analysis to maintain security vigilance.

Dedicated to Health and Safety

ACS’s HALO device sets a new standard for maintaining a secure and healthy environment. It monitors everything from air quality to structural integrity, providing alerts for unusual activities, chemical leaks, and even gunshot detection, ensuring a swift response to emergencies.

Remote Monitoring and Data Protection

Our remote live monitoring services, backed by a police-approved centre, ensure the safety of your sites and personnel around the clock. With our Video Management System (VMS), your data stays protected through end-to-end encryption, cloud-based updates, and secure remote access.

Choose ACS: A Partnership for the Future

Join ACS as we redefine safety and efficiency. Our legacy of innovation, commitment to compliance, and comprehensive solutions make us the partner of choice for those seeking to shape a secure and efficient future.