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License Plate Recognition Solutions Experience Proactive Detection, Optimize Efficiency, & Achieve Cost-Effective Resolutions

Introduction to our License Plate Recognition Solutions

Welcome to our License Plate Recognition Solutions
Experience Proactive Detection, Optimise Efficiency, and Achieve Cost-Effective Resolutions

Upgrade Your License Plate Recognition
Elevate your License Plate Recognition capabilities with our state-of-the-art IP cameras. We’ve teamed up with the industry’s top LPR software developers to provide you with cutting-edge tools for capturing license plate images.

Our cameras cater to a wide array of applications, ranging from access control and red light enforcement to surveillance, security, traffic monitoring, tolling systems, and free-flow scenarios. With a diverse selection of configurations, our license plate recognition (LPR) and traffic monitoring cameras can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Real-Time License Plate Recognition
  • Integrated LPR Software

Discover our standalone or integrated LPR camera systems, complete with built-in license plate recognition software. Advanced license plate verification is made possible through white lists and black lists. Our system excels at reading plates from multiple countries or counties simultaneously. It even transforms number plates into Wiegand signals, compatible with access control systems. Furthermore, our solution offers versatile APIs for seamless integration with third-party systems such as parking management, toll collection, and weigh-bridge systems.

Perfectly suited for parking access control, Stop & Go toll systems, and various LPR applications where vehicles either come to a halt or slow down significantly.

Upgrade your license plate recognition capabilities today with our cutting-edge solutions.