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      Our Intelligent Proactive Video Solutions
      Predict, Prevent, Protect, Prove to Save Time & Money


      Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into CCTV surveillance systems can aid in the prediction and prevention of crimes and other threats. By analysing patterns and behaviours in video footage or listening for specific sounds or keywords,

      AI algorithms can identify potential threats and alert security personnel. The use of AI in surveillance can provide an additional layer of security to respond to potential threats more quickly.



      AI can be useful to CCTV surveillance systems for preventing crimes and dangers. It can be used for facial recognition to identify individuals, behaviour analysis to detect suspicious activity, predictive analytics to identify potential risks, and alert systems to quickly respond to potential threats.

      AI can help you take preventative measures and respond promptly to incidents, improving the effectiveness of CCTV surveillance in keeping people safe.


      With our VMS (Video Management System), your IT team can have total confidence in the protection of your data. Our software includes end-to-end encryption of data and metadata, automatic cloud-based updates, and secure remote access from anywhere in the world, making it easier than ever to defend against cybersecurity attacks. Additionally, all video solutions provided by ACS are compliant with the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) standards for security.”


      Our VMS software comes with features that can help with forensic investigations, which is crucial when trying to prove a crime. Security personnel can quickly analyse surveillance footage and make accurate conclusions with the help of event, object, and similarity search features. This eliminates the time-consuming necessity of manual analysis and can shave days off of the investigation process. Trust our software to help you effectively and efficiently prove a crime.